Regenwald 2011

Regenwald2011 at Club Transmediale from macumbista on Vimeo. In February I took part in Regenwald 2011 as part of the Club Transmediale Festival in Berlin at the venue West Germany.  Conceived and organised by Derek Holzer and Mads Bech Paluszewski, it was a contemporary re-interpretation of David Tudor’s series of compositions from the 1970′s entitled “Rainforest”. It uses various types of sonic transducers to play live sounds through various resonant objects in the space, as well as through architectural features of the space itself.  Additionally, an 8×8 matrix mixer allows the sound from any of the objects to be sent to any other node in the network, making the whole piece an experiment in generative chaos.

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It was developed in a workshop format with 8 participants over a period of several days prior to the festival. The resulting work shifted between a relatively static installation-like moments and performative sections where the artists explored new relationships with the objects and each other.  During the installation/performance the audience is free to move around the performance space, engage in conversations and explore the resonant objects, thus adding new life to the rainforest. Participants: ALAN GLEESON [IR] DIANA COMBO [PT] MACDARA Ó MAOLBHUAIDH [IR] VICTOR MAZON GARDOQUI [ES] LARS LUNDEHAVE HANSEN [DK] CHRISTIAN ZOLLNER [AT] PETER VOTAVA [AT] JOÃO PAIS [PT] Here is a segment of the performance night;

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