New release, New Persona, New Label

I don’t update this blog as much as I should so this post is part news part general update. So far I have used this blog for displaying my the work I have been involved with for the last couple of years. For the most part this has been related to the development, performance and presentation of my solo project which I would generally categorize as being related to improvised performance/real-time composition with musical references relating to electro-acoustic, musique concrète, and soundscapes/acoustic ecology. I have also being involved in other projects over the years, coming from quite a different area.

My first introduction to electronic music was through DJing and in particular a love of House music. I have maintained this passion and have produced and released a number of works with my friend and production partner Michael McKenna under the names Keep Schtum and Old Boy Network. Since moving to Berlin I have focused less in this area but in the last few months I have re-engaged with my roots and have began producing in this genre again. This has involved producing original material, which I would describe as a mix of Cuban, funk and deep house music, but I have also been working on some cosmic, nu, deep disco…. whatever you want to call it, as well as the occasional disco re-edit.

To separate this work from my other solo project I use the moniker Stan Tropic, nothing deep, just a fun name, an alter-ego. The culmination of this recent work will see me release a 3-track EP on the 12th April 2012 on my newly established record label Let in Music. The label name refers to my attitude of just letting (good) music enter your ears, life, world, and basing your judgements on what you feel, enjoying the experience, and not getting distracted by associations/baggage/genre confinements that come with some music these days. I have always attempted to do this and it has taken me on a rich musical journey.

The EP entitled Quantic is influenced by all the great Cuban music I have come to know over the years as well as modern producers such as The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Gerardo Frisina, Nickodemus, and many others who have let this soulful, joyous music seep into their music. It will be available from junodownload and my bandcamp site. I hope you enjoy it, I plan to keep to a steady release schedule of funky, deep, and fresh music. Enjoy


P.S. More crazy sounds and music on the way too!

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