Introducing New Release – Shards

My current creative output and practice have 2 important points of origin.  The first came about from a technical concern the second as an aesthetic development, derived over many years.  For a number of years I have been exploring methods of live performance of electronically generated music.  This was not specific to any genre; I was more interested in creating a situation where I could create an engaging experience for both performer and listener.  It should be satisfying in both terms of sonic output but also in the level of interaction and control offered by the technology in directing this output.  I was not just interested in representing recorded material, I wanted to be able to create, transform, direct, and be directed by the sound.  In this way there is a communal enjoyment for both performer and listener, with a shared sonic experience neither have heard in exactly the same format as before.  As this technical development continued it took the form of a custom instrument designed in software and a method of controlling this using perceptual mapping and a hardware interface.  In developing this work I have come to anthropomorphise the technology, viewing it as an extension of my thoughts and engaging in a dialogue with me in attempting to achieve our goals.  Developing the software and hardware instruments became part of the composition with the aesthetics intertwined within them. Therefore all areas overlap; there is not a concrete division between idea, process, and output. Continue reading “Introducing New Release – Shards”