MNM at the ZKM

While the R&D for Feeedback5 moves ahead with lots of exciting developments MNM has been out on tour, this time to the ZKM in Karlsruhe. MNM is conceptualized & directed by Christian Graupner/Humatic and features Mieko Suzuki & Ming Poon. The software has been programmed by João Pais with the support of Musical Interaction Team at IRCAM Centre Pompidou / Norbert Schnell with tech & music collaboration from myself. While it has been displayed in the past as an standalone installation we have also developed a stage version, which is what we performed at the ZKM last week, with DJ Meiko Suzuki at the controls.


In October 2010 I had the great privilege of collaborating dance/animation performance piece titled “Set -A-“.  The piece was developed by Escale – Martna Borrini (Choreography) and Maria Chalela-Puccini (Video/Animation) and performed at the ACUD theatre in Berlin, Germany.  For my part I added some sound design and electroacoustic textures and live sound effects.  From the artists;

“Does the work of art belong to the model who inspired it, or does the model belong to the medium that reproduces it?  This is a story about an artist and her creation, and how this one struggles not to belong to a flat surface but to keep being real.”

For images and more information visit the link below.

Escale blog