Excited to have a track selected for this compilation which is released today. SYNTHESIS VOL. 2 is an International compilation of intelligent works produced by professional sound artists and musicians from South Korea, Uruguay, Ireland, Venezuela, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, France, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, Israel, the UK, Colombia, Italy and the US. A big thanks to Vero Mota & Urban Arts Berlin for the time and effort taken to organise and release this. Listen, enjoy, buy and share. Cover image by Daniel Palacios

Released by Urban Arts Berlin, in 2016 they will be promoting a printing format of this album with live concerts by selected sound artists. If you want to co-curate a festival or event please get in contact. Digital release only for now but eventually CD and Vinyl next year.

Music reviews by music magazines and radio shows worldwide are very welcome.

For other releases on Urban Arts Berlin check here.

Urban Arts Berlin is looking for collaborators who are interested on put together live music, workshops and talk events around two compilations with a very strong international resonance: Synthesis Vol. 1 (Nov. 2014) and Vol. 2 released by Urban Arts Berlin in Germany. Both albums contain an excellent archive of works by professional musicians & sound artists from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia & The US. About 80 serious sound producers from the contemporary experimental & electro-acustic music field.

If interested please contact giving your name, concert venue or project space and country where you could curate an event. We can send you back the albums, CVs and a concrete line-up proposal for 2016.

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