Developed over a 2 week period and shown for one night on 23rd July 2015 Manufactured Time was a project initiated by Willan Octave-Emile with myself and Ivo Gretener. We all collaborated to explore the open-ended and multi-dimensional relationship between sound and time. The project was (is) a composition of fragments of sound and video, mixing memories, clichés, actual experiences and illusions. It searches a short event becoming long, something appearing random, chaotic and rich, not having an end and a beginning, which actually reveals itself to be an ordinate loop, a repetition.

Time distortion alters our perception of the reality. It brings a new perspective and new meaning to information we absorb. Sound is abstract, as the concept of time itself. Thus exploring the time/reality distortion through sound, we engage the the most unconscious reactions from the viewer. When times distorts, at a certain point it becomes difficult to say where one event begins and another ends. If time increases, how long does an event have to last to be recognized as such? Controlling time, means also controlling reality. The installation is based on this premise, roughly suggesting that all we see on image, in that separate reality, can and is controlled by humans. Still, whether one is in control of this transformation or not, one becomes transformed by the experience of reception.

Below is an excerpt of the work I created for the installation.

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