New Album – De Caelo

On March 15th 2017 I released my new album “De Caelo“. All pieces on this album are inspired by and related to astronomy. Research was carried out on studies and data on this subject and information was used it directly and as inspiration to generate the material. As such the work is part sonification part artistic interpretation. Musically it’s a mix of electronic, experimental, ambient, and drone textures.

New album “DMARC”


This release is the result of an intense period of study, experimentation and creativity (2009-2010). All works were produced while studying a Masters Degree in Music Technology at the Digital Media and Arts Research Centre at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

These pieces reflect my interest in having a meaningful interaction with technology in performance. Source material for the most part is field recordings that fall into 2 categories; urban and rural. These opposite sound worlds are probed and manipulated to explore a possible dialog or meeting point, and to also subvert their context. Similar to the discussion about “what is noise”, the beauty of this output is open to opinion and this material is part of that discussion.

I wish to thank Dr. Robert Sazdov, Dr. Kerry Hagen, and Jurgen Simpson for their time, expertise, and encouragement, the experience was transformational.


Developed over a 2 week period and shown for one night on 23rd July 2015 Manufactured Time was a project initiated by Willan Octave-Emile with myself and Ivo Gretener. We all collaborated to explore the open-ended and multi-dimensional relationship between sound and time. The project was (is) a composition of fragments of sound and video, mixing memories, clichés, actual experiences and illusions. It searches a short event becoming long, something appearing random, chaotic and rich, not having an end and a beginning, which actually reveals itself to be an ordinate loop, a repetition.

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New Ears

A while back I treated myself to some specialist microphones; a contact mic, hydrophone, & a coil-pickup mic purchased from Jez Riley. To be honest I should be doing more recording with them as they are awesome and great fun. One reason for getting them was that I am always quite frustrated when recording the city soundscape due to the monotony and lo-fi nature offered in these locations. It’s not so much the aggressive noisy nature of a city but when trying to capture particular sounds of interest there is always a drone of background information accompanying the sound in focus. Already I am delighted by the potential offered by these new mics, and wonder why it took me so long to get them 🙂

Intermission: Audio portraits of place – Mapping the space between A and B.

This weekend (20-22 September) I took part in the Intermission project by the Osso collective.  Selected works will be broadcast and streamed by

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Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – Gathering Moss

Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – the Portrait

This week’s noise challenge is all about…YOU. Spend some time tapping into your own unqique auditory output. What sound(s) might define you personally? Your challenge this week is to create a sonic sound portrait, one that you feel quintessentially represents you, your life, your everyday, or your essence. What might your personal sonic sound portrait look like… sound like? feel like? You have 1 week to share your findings. Continue reading “Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – Gathering Moss”