New Ears

A while back I treated myself to some specialist microphones; a contact mic, hydrophone, & a coil-pickup mic purchased from Jez Riley. To be honest I should be doing more recording with them as they are awesome and great fun. One reason for getting them was that I am always quite frustrated when recording the city soundscape due to the monotony and lo-fi nature offered in these locations. It’s not so much the aggressive noisy nature of a city but when trying to capture particular sounds of interest there is always a drone of background information accompanying the sound in focus. Already I am delighted by the potential offered by these new mics, and wonder why it took me so long to get them 🙂

Intermission: Audio portraits of place – Mapping the space between A and B.

This weekend (20-22 September) I took part in the Intermission project by the Osso collective.  Selected works will be broadcast and streamed by

What can a field recording tell us about architecture? Continue reading “Intermission: Audio portraits of place – Mapping the space between A and B.”

Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – Gathering Moss

Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – the Portrait

This week’s noise challenge is all about…YOU. Spend some time tapping into your own unqique auditory output. What sound(s) might define you personally? Your challenge this week is to create a sonic sound portrait, one that you feel quintessentially represents you, your life, your everyday, or your essence. What might your personal sonic sound portrait look like… sound like? feel like? You have 1 week to share your findings. Continue reading “Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – Gathering Moss”

Noise Intercepted Challenge #7 – Chill the F**k Out

Noise Challenge #7 – The Cues

There are a myriad of noises in our everyday lives that trigger responses. Noise can be thought of as information. From alarm clocks to cross walks, these informational “cues” establish an auditory framework that dictate our patterns of everyday behaviour. This week pay close attention to the informational “cues” that make up your personal everyday experience. Choose one informational “cue” to hone in on. Use this “cue” as inspiration for your next post. Continue reading “Noise Intercepted Challenge #7 – Chill the F**k Out”

Noise Intercepted Challenge #6 – Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Noise Intercepted Challenge #6 – The Eavesdropper

This week use your listening prowess to tap into the bits and pieces of fleeting information, conversations, and auditory activity happening around you. Pay particular attention to the sounds you hear stuck in transit, waiting in line, or passing by strangers on the streets. Create a response to this hyper-aware listening experience. What did you discover? What sound or idea or thought struck you the most? Continue reading “Noise Intercepted Challenge #6 – Purple Monkey Dishwasher”

Noise Intercepted Challenge #5 – The Subtle Lightness of Spring

Noise Intercepted Challenge #5 – The Senses

What colour is the sound of springtime? What does the sound of gridlock taste like? Feel like? This week spend some time sifting through the hazy layers of noise that make up your everyday. Explore the way these sounds affect your senses, your body, your daily experience. You have one week to discover and share your mixed-sensory noise experience. Continue reading “Noise Intercepted Challenge #5 – The Subtle Lightness of Spring”

Noise Intercepted Challenge #4 – Corpus Callosum

Noise Challenge #4: The Soundtrack

Choose one song on your mp3 player and choose one day this week (or multiple days if you wish) to play this song on repeat. On these days, you are only allowed to listen to this one song. Listen to it when travelling to work or school. Listen to it on your lunch break. Take a long walk and listen to it again, and again, over and over. Let the song infiltrate your everyday experience. You have 1-week to create some kind of response to this multi-sensory experience. Continue reading “Noise Intercepted Challenge #4 – Corpus Callosum”

Noise Intercepted 3rd challenge – Empty vessels make the sweetest sound


Noise Challenge #3: The Empty

This week spend some time exploring an “empty” space (or place), manufactured or natural. Consider the creative potential of this space… its acoustics, its untold story, its emotional content. You have 1 week to find an “empty” space and change it, transform it, or influence it, through your physical interactions. Continue reading “Noise Intercepted 3rd challenge – Empty vessels make the sweetest sound”