Noise Intercepted Challenge #5 – The Subtle Lightness of Spring

For challenge #5 of the Noise Intercepted project I have created a soundscape piece. Produced from field recordings of my neighborhood in Kreuzberg, Berlin, it attempts to convey the sense of spring, or at least how I feel it. Focusing on the subtle details it shines a light on audio events often missed in the din of city life.

Noise Intercepted 3rd challenge – Empty vessels make the sweetest sound

For the 3rd challenge in the Noise Intercepted project I have created a piece called Empty vessels make the sweetest sound. The source material was recorded at an abandoned US Cold War listening station, Teufelsberg. The piece makes use of the amazing acoustics in the building and attempts to give the listener an experience of being at the location.

Noise Intercepted 2nd Challenge – Aeolian Construction

For part 2 of the Noise Intercepted project I have answered their “Little Things” challenge with my piece Aeolian Construction. Created from a recording of wind blowing through scaffolding it creates the unusual sense of waves crashing on the shoreline, except this is the city. A very pleasurable auditory experience, from what is a very common mundane site in modern city.