Noise Intercepted Challenge #7 – Chill the F**k Out

Noise Challenge #7 – The Cues

There are a myriad of noises in our everyday lives that trigger responses. Noise can be thought of as information. From alarm clocks to cross walks, these informational “cues” establish an auditory framework that dictate our patterns of everyday behaviour. This week pay close attention to the informational “cues” that make up your personal everyday experience. Choose one informational “cue” to hone in on. Use this “cue” as inspiration for your next post.

Bell-PeaceAs with any city in Berlin there are often conflicts between the various groups that use the roads for transport.  Buses, taxis, motorists, cyclists, Mercedes drivers, and even pedestrians all take a strong view on who has the right of way in a given situation.  Luckily in Berlin there is a friendlier attitude on the roads when compared with other cities.  In a lot of areas the cycle paths are on the footpath though.  Talk to any tourist in Berlin and they will tell or encounters, near death experiences, or even injuries suffered after unwittingly strolling into the cycle lane.  Despite all this courtesy there is a certain breed of cyclist that when a pedestrian accidently gets in their way they act as if you have committed the ultimate sin.  They will throw a barrage of insults at you and will probably almost run you down.  Why there are some like this when most others find the balance and show courtesy? Rather than anger towards these individuals I only find amusement.  This piece is dedicated to them, it’s entitled Chill the F**k Out.

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