Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – Gathering Moss

Noise Intercepted Challenge #8 – the Portrait

This week’s noise challenge is all about…YOU. Spend some time tapping into your own unqique auditory output. What sound(s) might define you personally? Your challenge this week is to create a sonic sound portrait, one that you feel quintessentially represents you, your life, your everyday, or your essence. What might your personal sonic sound portrait look like… sound like? feel like? You have 1 week to share your findings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen fielding recording you often spend hours exploring different locations searching for something of sonic interest.  Sometimes you have success sometimes not.  You are often in search of a particular sound, or you will expect to capture certain sounds in certain places and situations.  But, sitting at your desk or workspace you are familiar with this sound world, with often the only sounds been those of basic movement and the interaction between you and the prosaic objects around your person.  That said, staying in the single location for a long time can allow something unexpected to happen, different sound worlds can enter your space.  Open a window and it’s like a continuously unfolding soundwalk. The day progresses, seasons change, temperatures rise and fall.

This short piece I present here is a collection of a few of those sounds, showing how dynamic a sound world can be experienced just by sitting at a window and being conscious of the unfolding soundtrack.

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