Noise Intercepted 2nd Challenge – Aeolian Construction


Challenge #2 – The Little Things

This week spend some time paying attention to the little things… the sounds that you tend to ignore and the seemingly insignificant noises that you take for granted. You have 1 week to listen, identify and select one “insignificant” sound and transform it into something “significant.”

Wind through Scaffolding – A recording of the plastic covering on the scaffolding of a building under construction, blowing in the wind.

Definitely not little in the literal sense, but the sights and sounds of construction in a city are so omnipresent that you would never usually stop and listen to them with the notion that they are soothing and pleasant. Yet that’s how this event sounded to me. Reminiscent of waves crashing on a beach, nature here in the form of the wind, interacting with steel and plastic brought a foreign soundscape into the confines of the city.

The original recording is processed to make it sound more “cinematic”. I also analysed the recording and used the dynamic and timbral content to create additional layers of sound.

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