Noise Intercepted 3rd challenge – Empty vessels make the sweetest sound


Noise Challenge #3: The Empty

This week spend some time exploring an “empty” space (or place), manufactured or natural. Consider the creative potential of this space… its acoustics, its untold story, its emotional content. You have 1 week to find an “empty” space and change it, transform it, or influence it, through your physical interactions.

Teufelsberg is a famous urban explorers location on the outskirts of Berlin.  The location has had an interesting history, mostly notably of being a US cold war listening station, which housed the latest tech to listen in on the Reds.  All this tech is long gone but some amazing buildings remain.  In the highest tower, enclosed by a strange globe, features an almost spherical room with amazing acoustics.  When I visited this room I made some recordings and also made an impulse response (IR) of the space.   Creating an IR allows you to place other sounds into this space, similar to artificial reverb.  This composition is a mix of sounds from the space, some manipulated, and using the IR of the space the ambience is further enhanced in order to get a sense of what the space is actually like.

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